Welcome to the University of Missouri Adventure Club!

Adventure Club is an enrichment based before and after school program located in all elementary schools in the Columbia Public School District. All programs are licensed by the Missouri Office of Childhood within the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Department. We provide hands-on educational and recreational activities for children in a safe and caring environment.

We are enthusiastic about providing quality before and after school care for children. We work diligently to offer enriching activities that enhance the development of children socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. Families are an integral part of a successful before and after school program. Consistent communication between program staff and families is essential in meeting the best needs of your child.



Adventure Club takes pride in its high-quality staff, including an Administrative Team, Site Facilitators, and office support. Adventure Club typically has approximately 100 fun and enthusiastic part-time staff members facilitating activities with 600+ children enrolled in the program. The staff-to-child ratio is typically 1 to 16.

Each school has Site Facilitators in charge of the program. All full-time Site Facilitators have bachelor’s degrees. All Part-Time Site Facilitators have a minimum of 60 college credit hours including at least six hours in child-related course work, as well as experience working with groups of children. Site Assistants are primarily students in the University of Missouri College of Education who are seeking additional experience working with school-age children.

Adventure Club has operated through the University of Missouri College of Education & Human Development since 1997.