First NARST Summer School Research Institute

For Doctoral Student Researchers

June 21-26, 2009

THEME:  Science Teacher Learning Research

Hosted by the University of Missouri

1.       Details:

Who: Up to 40 doctoral student researchers and 10 faculty mentors

Where: University of Missouri, Columbia (MU)

Institute Organizing Committee:  Sandra Abell and Patricia Friedrichsen, University of Missouri and Carla Zembal-Saul, The Pennsylvania State University

2.        Anticipated Outcomes

For Student Researchers:

· To understand the place of their research in the broader research community;

· To build knowledge related to research design, data analysis, and write up;

· To form a network of emerging science education researchers.

For Faculty Mentors:

· To contribute to the induction of emerging researchers into the community of practice;

· To improve science education research through dialogue with a community of researchers.

3.        Structure

The NARST Summer Research Institute will include following activities:

· Team Sessions. The majority of instruction in the Research Institute will take place in small group seminars where 8-10 students and 2 research mentors discuss the student research underway and provide feedback on design, analysis, and interpretation.

· Workshops. Daily workshops will be provided by pairs of mentors around topics such as data analysis, writing for publication, grantsmanship, theoretical frameworks.

· Lectures: Students will choose among sessions presented by faculty mentors about their current research.

· Social events will bring participants together on a more informal basis.

· NARST proposal writing. Planning sessions will involve the student scholars in writing and sharing proposals for a Summer Research Institute poster session at the NARST annual meeting.

4.        Costs and Application

The NARST Summer Research Institute is supported by NARST, the University of Missouri, and student fees. 

· Student Researchers (or their institutions) pay for their travel to the Columbia, Missouri (access is direct on Northwest Airlines through Memphis to Columbia, or to St. Louis or Kansas City on other carriers), and $300 in fees.  The institute will provide housing, meals, and all needed institute materials.

· Faculty mentors will receive support for travel (up to $1000), housing, food, and materials by the NARST Summer Research Institute.

To apply, please complete the attached application for Student Researchers or Faculty Mentors by February 15, 2009. The organizing committee will notify all institute participants of their selection by March 15, 2009.