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New and continuing donors recognized

Jo and Wayne Behymer receive their membership recognitionAnnual Grace Bibb Ceremony honors stewards of education

Having dedicated her life to education, Jolene Schulz was an ideal candidate to serve as the ceremony’s event chair. After all, Schulz worked for 40 years in education: 34 for Columbia Public Schools, two at the University’s Lab School and several years as an adjunct professor. Schulz’s support for education extends beyond her profession — she endowed the Jolene Marra Schulz Scholarship Fund to provide need-based scholarships to undergraduate students. Her passion to support education with time, talent and treasure exemplifies Grace Bibb’s mission.

Bibb was the first female dean of the MU College of Education. It is through her vision for a quality education for all and continuing education for a lifetime that the college celebrates its donors and friends.

“Education is essential to passing along information, to preparing the young generations,” Schulz says. “I found my calling in high school, when one teacher motivated me to make a difference for all kids.”

Schulz explained her source of encouragement to the group of nearly fifty attendees.

Chancellor Emeritus Wallace and John Wedman“Go and make something of yourself,” Schulz recalled her uncle, now 92 years old, telling her when she was a youngster. “He was the Superintendent of Macon County for 30 years. He is still on top of news in education.”

This passion for education was a common theme throughout the evening.

Rose Porter, interim dean for the MU College of Education, emphasized the importance of the support that comes from donors, faculty, staff and even students. Asking each group to stand, she commended them for their unique contributions.

“Each of you plays an integral role in preparing the next generation of educators, the donors, friends, alumni, faculty and staff,” she said.

Chancellor Emeritus Richard Wallace spoke of the college’s international and statewide impact.

“Overseas, the college partnered with universities in southeast Asia to create Information Experience Labs to study human-computer interaction,” Wallace said. “This is in great demand by Web applications developers and software and hardware engineers.”

He also mentioned the Missouri Prevention Center’s outreach, which supports and trains parents and educators to address the prevalence of youth aggression and depression.

Membership Updates

During the past year, the Grace Bibb Society added 14 new Annual Members, including:
  • Linda Bennett
  • Sanda Erdelez
  • Carol Maher
  • Rose Porter
  • Anne Weller
  • Jason and Amy Cafer
  • Kenneth L. and Shirley Lee Cage
  • Donald L. and Barbara E. Hiatte
  • William F. and Joanne Hooten
  • E. Owen and Patricia J. Jackson
  • Thomas Kochtanek
  • Othelia Mengel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Stevenson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Clay Wadlington
At the sustaining level, the Grace Bibb Society added two new members:
  • Dorothy Watson, Columbia MO.  Dr. Watson is presenting at the Teachers Applying Whole Language Conference this weekend.  This year’s conference is held in honor of Patricia Jenkins, a founding member and education colleague who passed this year.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gourley, Lees Summit MO. 
Ridgeway, center, with Wallace and Porter This year, Jo and Wayne Behymer upgraded from the Sustaining Level to the Society’s Fellow Level. Also upgrading from Sustaining Level to Fellow Level is Norman Gysbers and Barbara Townsend.

Marvellee Ridgeway
, who was in attendance, upgraded from the Distinguished Fellow Level to the Very Distinguished Fellow Level. Marvellee also attended the college’s scholarship ceremony the following morning to meet her scholarships’ recipients.

In memoriam, the Grace Bibb Society recognized:
  • Mrs. Catherine Greenslit, a 1939 graduate who was an annual member and lived in Dearborn Mi., and
  • Mrs. Clara Marksbury Hudson, a 1946 graduate who was a Fellow member of the Society and lived in Columbia.