Honor Roll

Thank you to everyone who invested in or gave to the College of Education during FY'06, which ended June 30, 2006. Your gifts are appreciated by our college's students and faculty, and your support extends well beyond MU's campus to help citizens and our collective communities. If your name is not listed or is listed incorrectly, please contact the Office of Development at 573-882-6443. Thank you on behalf of the College of Education!

Christina P. Alter Harold S. and Joanne Hook
Ronald M. and Joan Berrey Robert K. and Barbara McFarland
Paul Hoboy Karol Hoboy-Tenore
Lance K. Hoboy James H. and Leslie Whitaker

Martha G. Adair J. Winston Martin
John Budd Marilyn McCreary
Marguerite L. Burns Michael A. and Julie Middleton
Trent B. and Mary Chambers David P. and Jennifer Miles
Dennis F. and Sharon Cloud MU Alumni Association
Bonnie J. Collier Ben F. and Elizabeth Nelms
Judith Cunningham Lanny R. and Ann Patten
John W. DeArman Robert E. and Barbara Reys
Bob and Mary Gadberry Steven A. and Sally Richardson
Greater Kansas City  Stuart and Catherine Scroggs
Community Foundation Norman E. and Virginia Stewart
David and Margery M. Inkeles Frank and Betty D. Taylor
Ronald Kelley Susanne R. Teel
Carol M. Leach Robert and Kathleen Unrath
William and Christine Rancho Santa Fe Foundation

Richard V. Beesley Mary L. Lamb
Edward F. Brunner Tina R. Martin
Stephen M. and Cynthia Clampett David and Cathy Maupin
Ellen Kunz Curtin Virginia A. McDonald
Allen and Sharon D. Daugherty Michael Pullis
Patrick J. and Martha Dexter John W. and Cynthia Shaw
James W. and Judy Elliott Robert Twineham
Patrick V. and Estella Franken Michael Wahlster and
Glen E. Good and Laurie Mintz Margaret Grogan
Greater St. Louis Community Foundation Wal-Mart Store No. 159
Dewey and Veralee Blackburn Hardin David Wilson and
M. Timothy and Rosemary Hogan Vicky Riback Wilson
R. Bruce and Vicki Johnson H. Janell Woods
Paul E. and Marni Kaplan James and Sharon Wright

$100–$499 Larry A. and Claudia Ackley Larry D. and  Georgeanne Folkins Sandra E. Morris
Wilbur D. Albright Elizabeth Head Foster Lynda Morton-Plymate
Tyronne M. and Saundra Allen Robert W. Foster Robert and Gretchen Dickerson Moser
Donna Clapp Allen Fallis Jo Froman Stephen A. and Patricia Mosier
Barbara Allen J. Kent and Kathryn Froman Linda Mottaz
Norma J. Anderson Robert S. and Susan Galamba David E. and Carol Moutray
Larry K. and Ruth Andrews Ralph Edward and Carol Gerhard John H. Moyer
Caroline M. K. Au Randall and Katherine S. Germeraad Mark F. and Terry Mullinix
Patricia Lynne Avery GFWC of Missouri, Inc. Stanley J. and Margie Murphy
David P. and Susan Bader Timothy Luke and Deborah Gill S. Ethel Nakasato
Donald M. and Harriet Baldwin Michael A. and Cheryl Giudicessi Margaret J. Nelson
David Ernest Barnes Robert and Betty Glasgow Jerald and Susan Neverve
Gene and Phyllis Bates Benny L. and Martha Gooden David Newkirk and Elizabeth McCartney
Charles E. Beadles, Jr., D.D.S. Joanne Marie Gordon Dale and Sharon A. Nicholls
Stuart J. and Ann Beard Darrel W. Gourley Carl G. Nurski
John W. and Jean Bearden E. Merwyn and Evelyn Grace Daniel E. and Sharon O’Donnell
Harlan F. Beckemeyer Ford and Helen Gray Bruce A. and Robbin Oehler
Margaret E. Beissenherz Sterling L. and Susan Green Odessa Lang Ofstad
Claude A. and Jean Bell Catherine V. Greenslit Glenn B. and Lynne Ogden
John A. Beltz Anna Margaret Griffin William M. and Nancy O’Toole
Thomas L. and Charla Bennett Willie Mae Grissom Carrie Lyn Ousley
Lloyd D. and Lydia Berger Douglas and Carol A. Grouws Joe and Lois Painter
L. John and Deborah Biszaha Gale L. and Marcia Hagee Eric M. Pankey
Duncan Blair Ronald W. and Carol Hagen Stephen C. and Barbara Parker
Richard Blanchfield Bethany Salomo Haney Roger and Barbara J. Parker
Thomas A. and Alba Blondis Mike and Debbie Hanna Larry Graham and Karen J. Patty-Graham
J. Victor Bodney Kelly J. Hanna Richard H. and Janice Peerson
Thomas P. Boerger Donald C. and Debra Harms Richard M. Greer and Retta Poe
Carl H. and Sue Bolton Ann Harrell Beverly J. Powell
John R. and Mary Bousek Alan D. Harris Kimberly Marie Presko
Thomas and Catherine Boxleiter Jacqueline I. Hart Robin Ann Rader
Edmund James Bradford David B. and Sue Hartman Kent P. and Gay Ragan
Sheila T. Brann Jackie Lee Hatton Ruth R. Ragsdale
Sherry L. Bright Barbara Hobbs Havis Carolyn Cupp Randazzo
Rick D. and Mary Brittingham Dwight H. Helmuth James R. Reynolds
Holli Brockenborough Barbara A. Hendrich Philip M. Rhoades
Charles A. Brown Cynthia Leigh Henkel Craig Gill Rice
Earl E. and Barbara Brown Kenneth J. and Jo Heppermann Shirley A. Richardson
Ernest S. Brown Jane M. Higgins Evelyn Ann Rohlfing
Carl M. and Shirley Bruns Mary Candace Hill Virginia L. Rosenstengel
Jean G. and Charles Buehler Betty A. Hodgman Diana Dunbar Ross
Brock R. and Tammy Bukowsky Phoebe Gish Hoelker Richard E. Rossi
Linda L. Burns Armand G. Hofer E. Robert Rudiger
Woodrow W. and Katherine Burt Robert V. and Janet Hoffman Ruby Marie Rudnick
Stephen L. and Connie Bush Philip D. and Eileen Hoffman Priscilla M. Rust
Joseph S. and Alice Callison Constance Lee Hughes Janel Salmen
Lois Marie Campbell Marie A. Ice Herb Allen Sang
Robert L. Campbell John H. and Sharon Iverson Thomas H.and Susan Schaefer
Gleamon Merf Cansler Richard F. and Maureen Jennings Bard Schatzman and Linda J. Mast
Stephen L. and Maureen Capelli Norman B. and Frances Johansen Anne Carolyn Scheer
John O. Careklas Terry Wayne Johnson W. Robert and Kathryn Scheidt
Gerald E. and Donna Carey Larian A. Johnson Gene A. and Beatrice Schillie
Christopher and Stacey Carman John L. and Edna Johnston Howard R. and Martha Schmidt
James N. Webster and Catherine Carson Mark Allen Jones Ronald L. and Deborah Schubel
Lena Barber Case Barry M. and Linda Katz Richard W. Schuchardt
Philip W. and Mary Caster Ruth Olesen Kelley Virginia M. Schuldenberg
Judith Cavcey Sheppard and Patricia Kelly James L. and Loretta Scott
William V. and Meredith Cecil Charles H. and Mary Kemper James W. and Carolyn Scott
Martha B. Chesney Leanna Joyce Kennedy Michael D. and Ann Sears
Kenneth E. and Helen Clark Earl G. and Mary Kennett Berniece E. Seiferth
Kirby D. Clark Rolland Dean and Lorna Kerr Frederick S. and Ronda Selby
James D. Cleaveland Ok-Kyeong Kim Jeffrey Shih
Dale L. and Debra Clithero Charles and Andrea A. Kircher Wilson W. and Barbara Siemens
Steven M. Cockriel E. Nyle and Barbara Klinginsmith Richard Lewis Simms
Irv and Sandra Cockriel Dennis R. and Judith Knipmeyer S. Dean and Mary Sims
Paul E. Coffman Sibyl A. Kobza Thomas Dale and Marsha Sisson
Columbia Art League Albert G. and Margaret Krieger Paul E. and Sara Smith
Ronald W. and Barbara Cope Margery Kuhler Marilyn Johnson Smith
Roger D. and Georgianne Cox Richard C. Kunkel Fred L. and Darla Snider
Thaddeus Reed Crews Erica L. Kwiatkowski-Egizio Norwood L. and Virginia Snowden
Terry Wayne and Gwen Crites Luke Francis and Marjorie Lamb Mark E. and Sally Sprowls
James W. and Mabel Culpepper   John R. and Vida Stanard
  Shirley G. and Wayne Latare Sandra Elane Stanley
Data Connect Corporation David B. and Blythe Launder Brent A. Stearns
Jeannette Smith Davis Robert M. and Alice Laurenson Wesley Allen and Vicki Steffan
Jeffrey Davis and Trinity Trump Davis Oran H. and Donna Linder Ruth D. Stephens
Thomas McCabe Day, Jr. Edde W. Lindsey Paula Jeanne Stewart
Milton J. and Grace Day Doris S. Littrell Laura S. Stiles
Terry Day Richard David Lodholz Robert E. and Martha Stricker
Michael G. and Jean Deluca Charles H. and Patricia Lonardo Craig M. and Ruth Sturdevant
Jon J. Denton Kristy Marie Lorenz Rebecca Norton Suarez
A. Philp and Mary E. DePauw Daniel and Teresa Leigh Lorts Stanley P. Summers
Claude N. and Grace Devenport Janice Irene Lowe Joyce and Robert D. Sweeney
Barbara G. Devino R. N. and Jo Lyons Jack and Jill Rounkles Talley
Russell and Ann D’Hondt Homer L. Maassen B. Murphy and Linda Tetley
Dorothy A. Dickerson Nancy W. Magee Richard O. and Jane Thompson
Kate A. Dickey Carolyn S. Magnuson Richard W. Thoreson and Sue Doerhoff
Roger J. and Jennifer Dickhans Mary Kay Majors Rondal M.and Susan Tope
K. Christopher and Barbara Doehring Patsy Pence Mann Jenny Louisa Touhey
Raymond and Betty L. Dolbeare Eugene F. Martin, Jr. Robert and Elizabeth Traynor
Lucille M. Downer Jane Hall Martin Thomas A. and Jacqueline Tucker
Bernard J. and JoAnn Dubray Barbara Nell Martin Stephen Turek and Zoe Holmes
John B. Dubriel Lawrence G. and Sarah Mathis Eugene J. and Deborah Twellman
Timothy B. and Cheryl Duthler Peggy Rhea Matkin James B. and Barbara
Christine Michelle Eaton Barbara A. Maxwell Van Loenen
Education Technology Partners, Inc. Gary L. and Harriet Mayes Carmen Lee Vance
Alice Edwards Harold D. and Karyl McAninch Clarence Vanlear, Jr.
Ninian M. and Mary Edwards George R. and Margaret McArthur Dan and Elizabeth Volk
Susan Adele Edwards Patricia A. McGreevy Kathryn J. Voss
John R. and Ann Ehrlich Frank L. and Gail McKinzie William J. Wasson
Stanley M. Ellis Joseph T. and Angela McLane Robert K. Whelan
Russell W. and Louise Elsberry Larry L. and Marilyn McMullen Jack L. and Marie Whitacre
James M. and Carol England Mary Lou McWilliams Richard L. and Sheila Wieman
John and Jolene Errante Murray L. and Linda Meierhoff Walter C. and Christina Wilde
Lawrence H. Essmann Barbara Melnik Douglas L. and Kelly Wilkerson
Charles and Mary Evans Phillip E. and Avis Messner Marian K. Williams
Terrence L. and Jeanne Ewald Gene R. and Angela Meyer Helen A. Wilson
Shane K. and Jane Fairbanks Jennie Logan Milster Georgia Pratt Winship
Family and Friends of William R. Sease Elisa G. Mitchell Thomas E. and Ginger Witty
Lois L. Filippello William I. and Jacquelyn Mitchell Mary Lorene Wolfmeyer
David J. and Jean Fischer Robert M. and Karen Monsen Joyce Lorraine Wood
Randolph and Patricia J. Farney William I. and Jacquelyn Mitchell Carolyn C. Woodruff
Jane Shiraishi Festerling Robert M. and Karen Monsen Glenn D. and Jeanette Wylie
John Fick Gary and Alison Moore Polly York
Sarah Lynn Fitzpatrick Celesta Moore Charles Ray Young
Carolyn Marlow Fleming Mary Ann Morris Orlow R. Zumwalt
Up to $99    
Kim Abbott Eugene R. and Mary Haberstock James S. and Lori Newcomer
Patricia Anne Abel R. Todd and Carol Haenisch Brian F. and Donna Newlands
Suzanne Lynn Adams Elbert and Mona Haenssler George R. and Marilyn Newman
Gisela Ahadi Harold W. and Carol Haesemeier Tracey L. and Jeffery Niblack
Syed Omar and Jennifer Ahmad Jerry M. and Jane Hagg Mary Breuer Nickel
James R. and Sally Allen C. David and Linda Hall Craig and Lisa M. Nieder
Norene Allen Randall R. and Joy Hall Frank C. and Mary Niehaus
Janet M. Alsup Carolee Hall N. Christian and Barbara Nielsen
Joseph D. Anders Kurt L. and Constance Hallemeier Christine Neff Nobbe
Ruth G. Anderson Albert J. and Karen Haller Abby Nutkiewicz
Marilyn J. Anderson Mary E. Hamacher Michael and Beth Nutter
Richard L. and Barbara Andrews Lois I. Hamilton Paula R. O’Bannon
Mark J. Andrews Eric A. Hansen John Oberdeck
James S. Appelquist Calvin Edward Harbin Stanley P. and Susan Ochmanski
Nancy Archer Douglas K. and Becky Hardesty Katherine Anne Odaniels
Donald W. and Sherry Arni Leland and Barbara Hardy Kathleen Diann Oliver
Eugene and Carol Arnold Linda Jean Hargrove Paul B. and Rosemary Olson
Amy Louise Arnott Leo D. and Gail Harman Donald P. and Nancy O’Shea
Jeff and Sarah Arroyo Edward and Valerie Harre Gary L. and Colleen Ostercamp
Tamara Westfall Arthaud Rev. Larry E. Harrelson Wilson W. and Jo Overall
Lynn Ash Phyllis R. Harsma Jason C. Owen
Judith Kvasnicka Atcheson Eva Joel Hart; Gary M. and Janet Oxenhandler
Everett A.and Dianna Austin Robert James Hartke Sandy Palmer
Buford B. and Dorothy Baber Farrukh Hasan Charles S. and Diane Palubiak
W. Dale and Myrna Backer Chuck and Patricia Haskins Ira and Ann Papick
Sarah A. Bajkowski Melanie Woodson Hastings Karen Ann Papin
Kristi Dawn Bakameyer William H. and Angela Hatch Gary D. and Kimberley Parks
Mark A. and Barbara Baker Karen Brodrick Hattan Jane Parr
Elizabeth Baker Brian and Shari J. Haug Daniel J. and Tracy Patterson
Robert J. and Olivia Baker Billie Jean Haunschild Lee C. and Michelle Paul
William E. and Virginia Baker Betty Smith Hawkins Howard R. and Judith Pay
Betty Louise Baker Karen Hayden Charles L. and Patricia Peart
Tommy V. and Rita Baldwin Robert E. and Barbara Hayes Joseph J. Perica
Douglas A. and Barbara Bambini Marilyn M. Hazel Ernest John Perrica
William L. and Elizabeth Banton Helene Hilda Headrick Daniel D. and Susan Petterson
David William Barker James W. Krewson, Jr. and Shirlene Hecht S. Luella Phipps
Jacklyn J. Barnett Franklin N. and Elizabeth Heck Dominic P. and Barbara Pisciotta
Jerry M. and Patricia Barney William Hedge Larry J. and Frances Pitts
Carol Wood Barr Anne Hedgepeth Mark and Alisa Plassmeyer
Stuart I. Barudin Lyle H. Hedges John E. and Vera Plesko
Terry W. and Diane Bashor Judith L. Hegg Donna M. Plummer
Ida May Bates Paul and Elisabeth Heggemann Mary Porter
Jennifer Marie Bay-Williams Carolyn L. Heidtbrink Julie Portman
Stewart R. Beasley Morris R. and Barbara Heitman Steven V. and Leigh Potter
Dennis A. and Christine Beck John E. and Barbara Henderson Ermine Dale and Laurel Powell
Richard and Joyce Becker Diane Jose Hendry Marjorie A. Powell
Imogene Behringer Donald L. and Alice Henson James O. and Katie Preston
Cherry Blume Belstock Timothy J. Hentchel Stephen L. and Beverly Price
Walter E. and Karen Belter Freddy L. and Elsa Hester David Price and Suzanne M. Solari-Price
Francis M. and Bernice Bennett Patricia Ann Heustis Sanford W. and Virginia Pridy
Clinton Lambert Berry Betty Mae Hibler Ruie Jane Pritchard
Patricia Rowena Bertsch David C. and Jane Hieter Murray and Anna Purcell
Ann Betteridge John D. and Katherine Hilderbrand Eric L. Purves
John and Barbara A. Betz Judith Z. Hillman Kathleen Quinn
Pamela Harris Biddle Nann Blaine Hilyard Dennis and Elizabeth Raetz
Roger A. and Dianne Bjork Richard A. and Susan Hinton Tom A. and Nancy Rafiner
Cynthia Black Robert and Gerri L. Hirst Sharon Clark Ransom
Mark P. and Lisa Blackmore John W. and Cheryl Hoemann Peggy Gardner Rassette
Lillian Palmer Blackwell Joshua Hoener Gary A. and Lynn Ratkey
Billie J. Blaine Gregory D. and Phyllis Hoff David and Karen Coulter Rawlings
Joni Blake Donald B. Hoffmann Ted R. Redhair
Larson Marion Bland Jennifer Jon Hogan Timothy J. and Amy Redmond
Bob S. and Donna Blandford Melisa Lynn Hohnbaum Troy Regis
Michael and Sally Hagood Blickhan Gary and Barbara Holdefer Janet Adair Brown Reid
Christopher R. Bloss Wayne and Janet Holden Patrick and Mary Reilly
Barbara Alice Bockhorst Bud and Geraldean Holiman James and Sharon S. Renken
Terrill Brandenburg Bohon Todd D. and Stacy Hollander R. Cecil and Frances Rice
Gerald D. and Keithleen Bonham Edward M. and Kerry Hollander George Bush Richards
Marjorie R. Bordner Donald L. and Renee Holloway R. John and Opal Richardson
Jenny Bossaller Julie F. Holmen Carl E. and Jane Ridder
Carroll Ray Bostic Rex and Carolyn S. Holste Horace N. and Kathryn Rieger
Orville E. and Lila Bowers Rex A. and Melinda Homan Sandra G. Rigdon
Cleo G. and Martha Boyer William D. Hook Jared Rinck
John L. and Deborah Boyer Karen Horny Kenneth L. and Ruth Riney
David B. and Mary Brantley Guy M. and Linda Horton Robert V. and Denise Rivlin
Bonnie Sue Fitterling Braun Linda D. Horton Charles A. and Jane Roads
Harry J. Braun III Leanna Diane Howe Vickie Lynn Maassen Robb
R. B. and Frances Bridgeman Robert C. and Norma Howe Patrick Kent and Jeanne Roberts
Ruth Brockman John M. and Joan Howell Marjorie Roberts
Raymond M. and Greta Brooks Gary A. and Joyce Howren James P. and Barbar Robertson
John M. and Martha Brooks Anthony R. Howser Todd E. and Tara Robertson
Alan L. and Judith Brotherton Evalyn Jo Dawson Hoyle Jerrold G. and Sally Robison
Conella Coulter Brown Stephen D. and Susan Hoyne Patricia Jean Roe
Rebecca Brown Jack M. and Teresa Huether Robert Vernon Roethemeyer
Jerry R. and Donna Brownrigg Dianne L. Hunter Allan E. Rohrbach
William and Jacqueline Bruner Seth and Chelsea Hunziker Linda G. and Linda Romig
Kristi Ann Bruning James A. and Linda Irvin Taylor J. and Robin Ross
Alfred and Theresa M. Buckman Judy Jackson Jeanette Ann Putthoff Rotert
Michael and Nancy E. Bufalo Clinton O. Jacobs Robert N. and Judith Rubin
Jason A. and Courtney Burchfield Stella L. Jacoby Bette L. Ruether
Frederick M. Burke Libby Anne Jacoby Robison John W. and Judith Runk
Michael J. and Suzanne Burnett David W. and Nancy Jaeger Erika Anne Russell
Donald W. and Romana Bush Dorothy Sue Mayhew Jahger Larryand Barbara Rynearson
Michael E. and Lottie Bushmann Dennis R. and Cynthia James Leslie M. and Miriam Sabol
Jennifer I. Buss W. Curtis and Karen James John and Donna Saccaro
William A. and Carla Button Delores Binion Jarrett Robert and Jessica Saigh
Betsy R. Byers Rosemary Basile Jawad Delise M. Sampley
Saundra Leith Cahill James and Nancy Jenkins Leo A. and Mary Sander
Susan Callis Bruce Johnson Daryl and Mary Sander
Rebecca Sue Cameron William P. and Christy Johnson James A. and Mellanie Sandfort
Leanne Carabelos Joseph R. and Laura Jolley Nora Long Sandquist
John R. and Pamela Carleton Dustin Jones Hal M. and Carol Sappington
Lloyd H. and Kathleen Carpenter Lisa Marie Jones James C. and Linda Schadt
Keri Cascio Lyle K. and Nell Jones Shannon Schinagl
Mary Elizabeth Lodge Celeste Donald L. Jones John C. and Kathryn Schleeter
Robert M. and Pamela Chamberlain Jane Carnes Jones Colleen S. Schlittler
Gurney and Margaret Chambers Gail L. and Nancy Jones Lee E. and Shirley Schluckebier
Karen Welton Chancey Russell D. and Susan Jones Lyle D. and Arma Schmidt
Oscar and Marcela Nory Jones Leo H. and Mary Schmitz
Chavez-Lopez Karen Sue Jones Donna Faye Schmitz
Jonathan and Jane Childers Jesse Robert and Barbara Jost Kenneth and Sharon K. Schneeberger
Chinn and Associates Incorporated Joseph C. and Mildred Jurgensmeyer Trisha G. Schneider
James Michael Chleboun Robert P. and Marilyn Kappler Robert and Carol Schreiber
James L. and Lena Choate Vincil L. and Janet Kaylor Jeanette Marie Schroeder
Kenneth G. and Susan Choinka Marilyn Houghton Kayton Gail Ann Schultis
Margaret V. Christensen Trannie Elaine Hill Keely Alison J. Schultz
Pamela Hudson Christopher Terence J. and Sandra Kelley Gary and Sharon Schwarz
Anna Barrett Church Mark Randall and Dawn Kelly Raymond O. Schwerdt
Jerome and Rayma Claessen Maureen A. Kennedy Donald and Margaret L. Scott
Sharon K. Clark Joseph G. and Claudia Ketterlin Mary Seal-Lipic
Harold and Katherine K. Clark Ann B. Key Larry D. Seckels
Gale L. Clithero and Susan Hawkins Denis J. and Helen Kigin Mark A. and Laurie Seibel
Karen J. Clymer Rene Phillippe Killpack Donald C. and Marjorie Semon
Mark D. and Cynthia Cockriel Mi-Hong Kim Lynn and Frances Shafer
James D. Coe D. Randall and Linda King Mary E. Shardy
Diane E. Coffman Patricia R. King Festus W. and Mary Shaughnessy
Dee Kidwell Cohen Craig and Laurie Kingsley Richard J. and Loretta Shaw
Arthur B. and Jean Colbert Renee Therese Kirschbaum Lynn R. Shay
Jane Wilson Collins Bonnie Shoaf Kisor Mel R. Sheehan
Margaret E. Collins Wilfred H. and Judith Klein James C. and Joyce Sheerman
Gregory J. and Cathy Colman David F. and Karyn Klein Mark E. Shelton
Herbert I. and Doris Condra Ms. Paula Klein Waive Harriet Shields
Bonnie Conley Karen Jo Kleinhans Paige Shoger
Peter A. Cooper John and Susan Marie Klemm Donald D. and June Shook
Evonda Farley Copeland Ray E. and Judith Klinginsmith Brent and Jane Shull
Heather Cottrell Joan Stanley Knott Edward J. and Marie Shultz
Elizabeth Raney Couper Edward and Patricia Knowles Ty and Rachel Sides
Abby Gay Courtney Mark P. and Jennifer Knudson Janina Silberman
Pamela Shriver Couser Kenneth W. and Janice Koelkebeck Curtis R. and Barbara Simonson
Rodgie W. and Janice Cox Thomas E. and Olga Kooreman Robert L. and Beverly Simpson
Edward L. Craig, Jr. William and Peggy Kornfein Wendy Sims
Cynthia L. Crawford George and Mary Kathleen Kouba Carl D. Skakal
Margaret Tetley Crews Jim and Mary Kueny Brenda J. Skillman
William R. and Kathy Croson George R. Kurtz Joan Lee Sleight
Steve and Gay Currence Yalene Kusnetzky Jay T. and Evelean Smith
Jerry D. and Jacqueline Curtright Lawrence L. and Karen Ladd Griffith Smith and Lucille Codding Smith
Ernest and Ruth Cutright Douglas R. Lane Patricia S. Smith
Mark Czechut Lester E. Lang Charles M. Smith, Jr.
Robyn Lee Dalby Robert Edward and Nancy Lange Karen J. Smith
Judith Weil Dale Glenn and Misty Langston Laurence C. and Maurine Smith
Anne Marie Damico Mark A. and Denise Latorre Betty G. Smith
Stephen E. Daniels Gilbert R. and Joyce Lauer Thomas C. and Eunice Smith
Eric E. Danielson William K. Lavender Eugene G. and Donna Smith
Tim J. and Christene Danze Mary E. Lawson Jill Ann Smith
Betty Ball Darr Douglas and Mary Ann Lee Richard M. and Lynne Smith
Geraldine Davenport David and Julia E. Lega Susan B. Sohl
Marian G. Davis Craig S. and Lisa Lehman Steve Logue Spencer
Michael and Lisa Davis Violet F. Lehman Terry Jo Springmeyer
Richard W. and Pennie Davis Robert A. Lehmann S. Bradley and Julie Squires
Ned I. Day Martha A. Lemmon Kurt and Sarah Squires
James D. and Laura Dean Eugene John Leporati Richard L. and Marsha Staley
Jane M. DeBellis Claribel F. Less Eileen Marie Stanley
Susan B. Decker Gary Joe and Lucille Lettow David J. and Kathleen Stansfield
David A. and Kathryn Degenhardt Marilee V. Lewis Thomas Michael Stark
Jennifer R. Dehaan Nylen Loyd Lewis Gary R. and Carol Steele
Albert Jaures and Alice Delmez Roger D. and JoEllen Lewis Patricia L. Stella
Robert Denker Sandra Lillard Rex and Ruth Irene Stevens
Anne Depew Mary White Littrell Norris R. and Delores Stevenson
Gary and June DeWeese Warren H. and Judith Livingston Daisy Stewart
Vicki Lee Diamond Grace J. Lockridge Steven L. and Marcia Stockham
William and Carol M. Dickinson Ben Loeb William Stovall
Clifford Byron Dill Karin Lofgren Drowne James H. and Vicki Straub
Renee G. Dingman Noah Logan John C. and Eunice Straub
Nancy Dodd Thomas and Diann Marie Loida Dennis R. and Donna Straub
Denis J. and Carol Doelling Howard P. and Phyllis Loiterstein Donald W. and Lisa Street
Norman A. and Cindy Dolch Adella Lolli Loar Pamela Branson Stubbs
Tom A. and Jeanette Dollus George Emmett and Ruby Long Harry E. and Josephine Styron
Sandra K. Donald Vena Marie Long Robert D. and Mary Suits
Julie Donald Karen Ann Lower Russell H. and Katherine Sullivan
Kathy Donaldson William C. and Laura Lucas Cecilia F. Swain
Terrence Gerard Donnelly Marcia Laird Lucietta Barbara A. Swanson
Darriel E. and Janice Douglas Dennis and Deborah Lueders Gary L. and Mary Swaty
Jean Dowell James M. and Elisabeth Luetjen Robert D. and Christine Sweeney
Linus J. and Nancy Dowell Marjorie Mae Luther David and Deborah Swenson
Dennis S. Downing Les L. and Linda Lynam Edward Howell Taggart
Jeffrey R. and Merilynn Drake Anita Kellogg Lyon Susan A. Tarbell
Jeanne Drewes Mary M. and Allan Asbell Clay and Linda Taylor
Patricia L. Drumm Harriet L. Maddock M. Patricia Teak
Kevin Benedict and Jean Duffy William Daniel and Nancy Magee Gary S.and Judith Terhune
Ellen H. Duncan James and Irene Mahan Rita Terry
Ernest A. and Patricia Dunning Richard M. and Beverly Markoff Virginia Stone Thayer
Paul E. and Ruth Durham Richard J. and Marilyn Marlen The Smith Family
Brian R. and Kelly Echard William C. Marshall The VanCourt Family
Larry A. and Linda Eder Christine Goeke Martin Jane M. Theissen
Robert and Dorothy Edwards John D. Martin Harold H. and Kermine Thies
Arby D. and Imogene Edwards Andrew and Millicent Martinek Gary D. and Judith Thomas
Jack T. and Adrienne Eigles Mary Kathryn Masek Richard L. and Debra Thompson
Martha A. Eise Richard M. and Judy Maseles Billie L. and Beverly Thrasher
Rebecca Ann Elder Larry and Laura Mason Thomas J. Throneberry
James D. and Amy Elliott Barbara Ann Mason Ronald and Catherine Thruelsen
Jill Christine Ellis DeWayne A. and Cynthia Mason Betty Spauldin Towler
Andy and Hugh Emerson David Matthews and Mary Walkup Matthews Donald A. and Evelyn Townley
Harriett H. Engelke Erma R. Mattson Evelyn M. Trickel
Carol Sue Englert Elvin L. and Elaine Mauzey Simeon and Joyce Truesdell
Nancy E. English Sara Jane Maxcy James R. and Lenora Tudor
Karen Enloe Ronald E. and Susan Maxon Terry T. and Pamela Turlington
David and Bonnie Epps Paul E. and Carol McAllister Thomas C. and Frances Turner
Dan K. and Cheryl Erdel Brian McAtee Andrew Turner
Jan M. Erdman Ray F. and Marilee McCallister Melvin L. and Carol Twaddle
Melvin P. and Nancy Ericson Michael G. and Nancy McCarty Mary Waters Twenter
Pamela J. Ermeling Michael G. McCollough Curtis J. Twenter
Julia Anne Ernst William T. and Cynthia McCord Carol J. Smith Vacek
Jane Ervin Clifford B. and Jean McCormick Russell Dale and Janet Vahle
Mark J. and Cora Eschenfelder Paul E. and Carol McCormick William M. and Lois Van Boening
Anne Etling Elaine K. McDannold Charlyne Van Oosbree
Ann Maureen Eveler James William and Martha McDowell A. M. Vellam and Kathleen O’Brien Vellam
Raymond P. and Audrey Ewing William B. and Patricia McGill Ronald and Nancy Vessell
Dennis and Sarah Jane Famuliner Robert Harry and Cherie McGrath Noel E. and Mary Vieten
Gertrude Janet Fasel Robert A. McKanna Remsen S. and Marilyn Voorhis
Diana Fendler Terry Ann McKellar Samuel P. and Patricia Waddle
Neal J. Fenster Nancy E. McKinney Rodney G. and Diane Wagner
Patricia Doughty Ferguson John and Maria McLeod Jane C. Wagner
Vanessa A. Ferguson Linda C. McMaster Susan Marie Waldron
Lynnette Marie Fields Kent E. and Sally McMillen Stephen L. and Judith Walkenbach
Daniel Fitzgerald, Jr. Daniel T. and Sherri McShane Stephen R. Walker
Terrence P. and Bronna Flanagan Ronald K. and Marlene McWilliams John B. and Jean Walker
Mary Gallagher Flatley Eloise Meador Ms. Betty Walls
William A. Fletcher James J. and Charlotte Meany Darlene Ward
Focus On Service Charles F. and Kristi Mehrer Jerry L. and Deborah Warden
Carroll E. Fogal Paul A. and Dora Meier Linda A. Ware
James J. and Teresa Folger Robert and Carolyn Mejia R. Keith and Susan Warnhoff
Sue Fontaine Robert H. and Michelle Melde Tony C. and Liz Washer
Alpheus E. and Greta Forsman Eddie D. and Lynda Meredith Deanna Wasman
Lisa Renae Fortner Henrietta P. Metz Paul D. and Virginia Watson
David L. and Peggy Foshee Jeannette H. Metz Sharon Smith Waymire
Candice L. Foster Bradley E. and Kathleen Meyen Roger Alan and Ruby Webb
Kelly and Linda Foster Martin Joseph and Diana Meyer Ronald E. and Annette Smull
Charles G. and Virginia Foster Jerald S. and Cathy Meyer Edgar J. and Frances Wegener
Kathleen D. Foster Chuck and Carol S. Meyer Carl and Madge Weigel
Charles and Amy Foutes Randall W. and Carol Meyer Tammy Welch
Michael J. and Elizabeth Frame Donald R. and Amy Meyer Benning L. and Judith Wentworth
Michael and Stephanie Franquinha Frances C. Meyer Linda Kay Wheatley
William H. and Sally Frederick Marilyn Joan Millan Christopher L. and Dee White
Mark E. Funk and Carolyn Reid Maretta C. Miller Mark C. and Roxie White
Roswita Wagner Gale Laura Cramer Miller Ben Harold Whited
W. Jeanne Gardner Charlotte V. Miller Jean and Joy E. Whitener
David W. and Ellen Gardner G. Dean and Doreen Miller Robert and Nicole L. Whitesell
Juanita W. Garfield Janice A. Miller Richard and Jackie J. Whitlock
Darlene Pitts Garlock Prieskorn Mary Kathryn Mills Randy and Cheryl D. Wiedmaier
D. Janean Garrett Karene Louise Mills Raymond H. and Hsiao-Mei Wiedmeyer
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