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Scholarships/Financial Assistance

The College of Education offers scholarships specifically for education students.  Click undergraduate or graduate to find out more about college-level support.

Campus Support:

Assistance is available from the University for undergraduate and graduate students.

There are many opportunities for students to stay employed both on campus and off campus. The MU Campus Career Center offers assistance in identifying work opportunities. In addition, graduate students can apply to MU’s travel funding programs for conference presentations and dissertation research travel.

Visit MU's Office for Financial Success for free resources on personal financing, budgeting and credit/debt  management.

The Graduate School offers graduate students assistantships and fellowships. Fee waivers are also available. Fee waiver eligibility is limited to three years for master’s students and five years for doctoral students. The waiver applies only to courses applicable and relevant to the student's degree program or those courses that have been approved by the student's advisor.