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A Tradition of Excellence inĀ Education

The first University of Missouri President, John Hiram Lathrop, considered the training of teachers to be among the most important functions of any state university. His opinion was supported by the new Missouri state constitution of 1865, which suggested that all state universities house a department in instruction of teaching. It was at this point, the Board of Curators created the Normal College in 1868 with the purpose to prepare teachers for public schools. E.L. Ripley of Michigan was appointed as the director.

Grace C. Bibb from St. Louis took charge of the school in 1878 and was the first female appointed a deanship at the University of Missouri. Under her leadership, women were first allowed into the Normal College, then all other University departments. After a series of name changes during the early 1900s, the Normal College eventually became the College of Education.

Dedicated in 1936, Townsend Hall's renovation in 2001 updated the facilities to include the most modern technologies and capabilities.  Townsend Hall was the site of the former Laboratory School. The college celebrated its 140th anniversary in 2008 and continues to lead the way in education, not only for the State of Missouri, but also for the nation and the world.

Timeline - Deans of Education

1867-78: Erastus L. Ripley

1878-83: Grace C. Bibb

1883-85: David Rice McAnally, Jr. – interim

1885-1891: Edward A. Allen

1891-98: J.P. Blanton

1898-1903: J.M. White

1903-07: Albert Ross Hill

1907-08: Jenius Meriam – interim

1908-09: Isador Loeb – interim

1909-17: W.W. Charters

1917-23: Jesse H. Coursault

1923-30: M. G. Neale

1930-45: Theophil W. H. Irion

1945-63: Loran G. Townsend

1963-66: Herbert W. Schooling

1966-86: Bob G. Woods

1986-1991: Wilbur R. Miller

1991-1993: Robert Dollar – Interim

1993-2005: Richard L. Andrews

2005-2008: Carolyn Herrington

2008-2010: Rosemary T. Porter – interim

2010-present: Daniel L. Clay