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Welcome to the Department of Special Education

UG Honors Convocation
We strive to prepare educators to assist children, youth and adults with disabilities to be academically and socially successful life-long learners.

Our faculty are consistently recognized — internationally and across the U.S. — for their individual and collaborative teaching and research excellence. The department's unique mix of faculty expertise creates a wide range of opportunities for students and researchers. Special Education is home to several state and federally supported training, demonstration and research projects, including the following three centers that focus on facilitating positive developmental outcomes for children and youth with disabilities:

Special Education strives to prepare leaders in education and in related fields. Our graduates become classroom teachers, administrators, professors, consultants, and researchers and they are among the most sought after both within Missouri and nation-wide. Through our multi-disciplinary perspective, our graduates are prepared to excel within their fields and effectively collaborate with others.

We provide full funding through Graduate Research Assistantships and you may also be interested in the Loan Forgiveness Program.


Our mission is to prepare educators to work with children, youth and adults with disabilities to be academically and socially successful life-long learners. The department offers comprehensive degree programs that blend pedagogy and practices across developmental, specific content, and exceptionality to prepare educators to work with individuals at-risk and those with disabilities. In addition, the department offers comprehensive programs within exceptionalities, curriculum development for learners with disabilities, policy, and research across the lifespan. Special Education faculty are noted scholars in the areas of:

  • Interventions for students at-risk of school failure
  • Disability across the lifespan
  • Literacy development for learners with disabilities
  • Student Diversity
  • Assessment
  • Systemic school and community change to improve the lives of children and youth
  • Pedagogy and learning theory
  • Teacher education
  • Foundations of Special Education
  • Disability areas including Emotional/Behavioral Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Autism and other Developmental Disabilities, and Early Childhood Special Education.

Special Education Degrees: