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Doctoral study in information science and learning technologies focuses on defining, understanding, and expanding the intersection of information and learning. Areas of inquiry come from two perspectives: human and technological. These two perspectives share the common purpose of designing systems and services for information and learning.


As a doctoral student in the School of Information Science & Learning Technologies, you can follow one of two distinct but potentially intersecting paths. For both paths, approaches to inquiry include technical, cognitive, epistemological, cultural, political, and economic aspects of informing and learning.

Learning Technology

One path analyzes and practices research and development for innovative information and learning systems. This path emphasizes:

  • Advanced study of contemporary learning and instructional theories
  • Learner-centered design, interface design, and information access design
  • Advanced networked learning systems, including digital libraries and learning communities

Information Science

The second path analyzes and practices research and development into the human elements of information. This path includes:

  • Information-seeking and use
  • Information organization
  • Human institutions, including libraries, that support the production and dissemination of and access to information

More Information

For specific degree requirements and other helpful information, please consult the PhD Handbook.


The Student Coordinator's Office is happy to assist you with questions.

Office: (573) 882-4546
Toll-free: (877) 747-5868
Fax: (573) 884-0122
Email: sislt@missouri.edu