Special Reading Certification

Did you know that there are over 1,650 Special Reading positions in Missouri with approximately 200 openings each year (DESE, 2003)? The need for Special Reading teachers is growing as Missouri seeks to address the No Child Left Behind and Reading First initiatives. Teachers with this certification are qualified for such positions as: Remedial Reading, Title I Reading, Reading Development, Special Education, and Language Arts. Depending on your initial certification experience (BA/BS), this certification may require as few as 6 courses.

Below are the DESE requirements for acquiring Certification for Special Reading as well as the courses you can take at MU to complete these requirements.

Contact DESE to have them review your transcript and determine what courses you need to take.

For advisement of combining a master's degree with certification contact Dr. Betsy Baker or Dr. Carol Gilles.


*These may be met by courses taken as part of the baccalaureate degree.
**A combined course of at least three (3) semester hours in Child and Adolescent Psychology may meet these two (2) requirements.

DESE Requirements Revised April 2005                                          

MU Specifications Revised April 2008

II. PROFESSIONAL REQUIREMENTS* (These shall be met by courses of at least two (2) semester hours, unless otherwise specified.):

A. Foundations of Teaching:
1. **Child Psychology;

TDP Phase I
7300  Advanced Child Development
7310  Advanced Adolescent Dev.

2. **Adolescent Psychology;

TDP Phase I
7300  Advanced Child Development
7310  Advanced Adolescent Dev.

3. Psychology and/or Education of the Exceptional Child (including the Gifted); and

TDP Phase I
7300 Introduction to Special Education

4. Evaluation of Abilities and Achievement (instruction in interpretation of individualized
intelligence tests, formal and informal diagnostic procedures and in prescriptive instruction);

        7320 Assessment and Evaluation in Special Education

B. Teaching Methods:
1. Reading (at least three (3) courses required, minimum total of twelve (12) semester hours,
one (1) of these courses shall be in Analysis and Correction of Reading Disabilities);

8670 Analysis and Correction of Reading Disabilities

Choose 9 hours from the following
TDP Phase II (Reading)
8620 Whole Language Curriculum
8640 Studies in English Education (when the topic focuses on reading instruction)
8660 Reading Miscue Analysis
8684 Integrating Literacy and Technology
8900 Curricular Decisions for Literacy in a Digital World
8900 Literacy and the Internet
8900 Nature of Literacy in a Digital World
8900 Strategies for Struggling Readers
8900 Theoretical Foundations of Literacy

2. Language Acquisition and Development or Language Development of the Exceptional Child;

7325 Language Development of Exceptional Students

3. Behavior Management Techniques; and

TDP Phase I
7310 Behavior Management for Exceptional Students

4. Counseling Techniques (to include communication skills with exceptional children and
families of exceptional children); and

7330   Collaboration & Consultation in Sp. Ed

C. Clinical Experiences:
1. Practicum in the Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading and Related Difficulties:
A minimum of six (6) semester hours is required for the practicum which should include
experience with students at both the elementary and secondary levels. The practicum should
require demonstrated competency in student management at both the elementary and
secondary levels.

8664 Literacy Practicum I
8665 Literacy Practicum II
8943 Practicum in Special Education