Pre-Doctoral Internships

In terms of predoctoral internships, our students compete successfully for APA-accredited internships, typically gaining their top choices at highly competitive internship sites. For example, in the last seven years, 89 students have applied for internship and 85 (or 96%) were placed on their first application. The four students who were not placed on the first attempt were all due to restricted geographic ranges due to family considerations. All four then received offers the following year. 100% of internships were funded, and all but two were APA-approved. In both cases where non-APA-approved internships were accepted, the reason was restriction of geographic range due to family considerations. 72% of our doctoral students accepted internships at university counseling centers, including such top counseling centers at the University of Maryland, the Ohio State University, University of Florida, University of Utah, Michigan State University, and University of California. The remaining 28% of our intern applicants accepted internships in medical centers, consortiums, or the US Air Force Medical Center. For example, recent interns were placed at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center, University of Oklahoma Health Science Consortium, and Missouri Health Sciences Consortium. The Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) is the organization that organizes and oversees the pre-doctoral internship process.