Master's Degree Programs in Counseling Psychology

Please be aware that for all our Masters programs, the degree granted is the MEd. The MEd degree requires a comprehensive examination, and does not require a thesis or research manuscript. Students who decide, during the course of their training, that they want to pursue a Ph.D. degree are certainly eligible to apply to such programs, both here and elsewhere. Some Ph.D. programs will require students admitted with a Masters degree for which a research manuscript or thesis was not required to complete one upon admission (i.e., a make-up project). Other Ph.D. programs do not require this. Please be aware that while our Masters programs do not require a research manuscript or thesis, students from our program have gone on to pursue Ph.D. degrees successfully. Students who want to go from our Masters programs to a Ph.D. program should speak with their advisor and other faculty to find and pursue research experiences, such as joining research teams or collaborating with other students and faculty on research studies, presentations, and publications.